cropped-fullsizeoutput_6cd.jpegRetired Navy wargamer/family gamer/pen & paper roleplaying gamer originally from the Rocky Mountain area.  This blog is a collection of ramblings on naval stuff, space, games, and family. Well, mostly games.

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  1. I found an Imperium box I had hidden away for years. It is the 1990 edition. Never played it. Read through the rules (took awhile) a few days ago. And thought I could play it. Was difficult to find where to start in the rules again, and where to go from there.

    I’m going to re-write the rules so it fits on one or two pages with step by step game movement during a player’s turn.

    Anyway, I want to fix some typos also. Did you give tankers a cost of 1 or 2 during your games? The rules say 1, the chart says 2.

    • I split the difference:
      For the Imperials I charge 1 RP – after all the Imperials probably already have ships they can convert to tankers on hand. For the Terrans I charge 2 RP since I figure the Terrans have less shipbuilding capacity and to dedicate tonnage to tankers has a real impact on the fighting fleet.

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