Cone of Fire Replay

Played Cone of Fire GREAT WAR AT SEA Operational Scenario Three: Beagle Channel Part One. See my BGG session report here.

The war takes place in February 1899. Chile owns Isla Nueva at the eastern end of the Beagle Channel. Argentina must get it back. In this case distance is the ally of the Argentineans and the enemy of the Chileans since Isla Nueva is only three zones (less than 100nm) from the Argentinean Port Ushuaia but 20 zones sailing (nearly 640nm) from Punta Arenas where the Chilean fleet starts. There is no way for the Chileans to bring enough firepower to bear at Isla Nueva unless the Argentinean fleet is divided and employed elsewhere. This came through clearly in the Battle of Isla Nueva on Turn 20 when the outnumbered Chilean fleet attempted to relieve the Isla Nueva garrison but was turned back after losing a coastal defense ship, armored cruiser and three gunboats for the Argentinean loss of an old coastal defense ship.

Will have to retry this in Operational Scenario Four where the Chileans get three battleships.

This game also marked my first real use of Goggle Earth with Hexthingy. Hexthingy creates .kmz overlay files of hexes to go in Google Earth. Perfect for Tactical Maps in GWAS. See my BGG image here.


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