The Return of the RPG

The biggest change in my gaming habit since the new year has been a resurgence of RPG’s being added to my collection. This is mostly because of the rise of web publishing, especially great sites like drivethrurpg.

The biggest new RPG in my collection is the Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game. This game uses the CORTEX engine, not D20, to create a gritty world very true to the first season of BSG. The use of Plot Points also ensures the action is quick and lively; just like the show. If there is a problem I would have to say that for a game where fighter combat is so key the designers certainly didn’t come up with a good dogfight system.

Though I love games like Traveller and BSG, in the end they are not right for the kids. For that I have started looking at the Wizards of the Coast new Star Wars: Saga Edition RPG. This is a D20-engine driven version that is in many ways faithful to the Star Wars saga; the players are heroes fighting evil – plain and simple. At the same time I have been expanding my Star Wars Miniatures collection. Will try this during the upcoming summer with the kids.

Another new RPG I am trying out is Rocketship Empires 1936. This “system-less” design gives you the background for a pulp-fiction sci-fi universe where the Martians contacted Earth just after WWI. The “system-less” aspect is intended to allow you to use whatever system you want (D20 Modern, GURPS, etc.). Given the pulp-fiction aspects of the background, a system that is more “heroic” like D20 may be a better fit than gritty, hard sci-fi systems like Traveller or CORTEX.

Yet another addition has been the Thousand Suns RPG. Thousand Suns uses a system named 12-Degrees. A worthy competitor to Traveller.


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