New Games for April

Got two new games so far this April –

Formula De Box CoverFormula De is a race game.  Simple mechanics – gears are represented by different dice (up toa 30-sided die for sixth gear) – and three basic rules for driving.  Unfortunately, my set is one of the many that has the plastic cars.  Will need to get small metal minatures from the net to race right!Knights of Charlamenge CoverKnights of Charlemagne is a Knizia game that again has simple mechanics but great depth.  At stake are five cities – worth 1-5 points – and five estates (each worth five points and a different color).  In your hand you have knights that are one of five colors and ranked 1-5.  On your turn, you can play a knight agaisnt a city with the same number or an estate of the same color.  At the end of the deck the player with the most knights against a city/estate wins that amount.


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